About me

I’m James.

I work for Atea AS in Stavanger and I’m a part of the Incident Response Team there. My major focus areas are: Best practices configurations, security focused, zero-trust and micro segmented networking, Azure architecture and design and security-centric log analytics and SIEM. With a little dash of figuring out what’s gone wrong when customers are attacked.

If you want to have a conversation about security, Azure solutions and architecture, networking, document life cycles and rights management, identity and governance or good and proper documentation – You’ll be happy here.


I would like thank the following people for professionally believing in me:
Oleksandra Kyrianova Fabricius – My amazing wife and best friend
Sven Martin Helgeland – For pushing me to become a better consultant
Ole Mugaas & Roy-Arne Høgestøl – For working with me, even when I’m demanding
Hilda Bådsvik – For being patient and taking my concerns seriously
Vegard Kjerstad – For taking me into the Incident Response Team
Geir Olav Skei & Per Tore Stokke – For always being by my side in cases
Brage Michael Ellingsen Roalkvam – For all the great discussions
Anita Sondresen – For always pushing me up in front

Microsoft Azure Solution Architect
Microsoft Azure Administrator
Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect
Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
Microsoft Information Protection Administrator
Blue Team Level 1
Blue Team Level 2

Expired certifications

Comptia Certified Infrastructure Operation Specialist
Comptia Certified Secure Infrastructure Specialist
Comptia Security+
Comptia Network+
Comptia A+

Here‘s my Linkedin profile.
Contact me there if you’d like!